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Nursery Provision

We are an above average sized Church of England Primary School with a teacher led nursery for 3 and 4 year olds on our school based site on Darlington Street. In August 2016, we extended our provision to cater for 2, 3 and 4 year olds through taking over the leadership of a Nursery on Lancaster Avenue in Tyldesley. As parents/carers, your child can start their education with us at our Lancaster Avenue Nursery when they are 2 years old. When they have reached their third birthday, they can attend either our Lancaster Avenue Nursery or our school based Nursery on Darlington Street. Admission forms are available from the nursery office (Lancaster Avenue site) or the school office (Darlington Street site) and should be completed to ensure that your child’s name is entered onto our database. We advise you to put your child’s name down as soon as possible and not to delay until they are approaching their starting age.


St Georges Central CE Primary School and Nursery.
Darlington Street, Tyldesley, M29 8DH.
t. 01942 883773 f. (44) 01942 877165

St. George’s Central CE Nursery
Lancaster Avenue, Tyldesley, M29 8LN
t. 01942 889779



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