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Breakfast Club



7.30 - 8.30am – Serving Breakfast.

Very social - staff and children to eat together, children to help serve where possible. 

7.30 – 8.40am – Free play session.

Free play available - Various games and toys. 
Creative table - gives option to colour or make things. 
Book corner available for reading or chatting. 
Homework table - children able to finish homework if needed. 
Large physical activity such as football, bowling alley, trim wake up shakeup. Computer/laptop/IPad use for Educational Computer games. 

Adult support available at all times should children require assistance or support. Activities will always be available but children will not be made to feel they have to take part. 

Field weather dependant, for larger games such as dodge ball, use of goal posts, PE equipment etc… 

8.40 – 8.45am – Tidy and get ready to leave.

Foundation & Year 1/2 children to be accompanied to class at 8.45am & Ks 2 children to walk to class. 

Club may have themed sessions, to celebrate special occasions such as 
Pancake Day, Easter, Multicultural festivals etc…


St Georges Central CE Primary School and Nursery.
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St. George’s Central CE Nursery
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